The understanding of one of the most underrated films of 2014

Photo Credit:David James Tom Cruise as William Cage, and Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski.

Photo Credit:David James from People Magazine
Tom Cruise as William Cage, and Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski.

Hey bloggers, or whoever else is reading this!

Its been a few weeks since i  posted my last blog, but here i am to talk about something else that i hope will intrigue you. Since it will be coming out on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, i would like to discuss probably my favorite film so far this year, Edge of Tomorrow. I figured ,to celebrate its release, i should talk about it, not what happens in the film or anything, but to discuss the goodness of the film and why people should take their time to watch it.  Also why i think the film  is considered to be an underrated one.  First off the overall movie  (ill go quick with this) is set in  a near future where aliens have invaded Earth and have destroyed military units. It follows the perspective on Lt. William Cage (played by Tom Cruise) who is inexperienced with combat and within minutes ,on the battlefield, dies. Despite being killed within minutes he finds himself in a time loop, where he repeats the same mission over and over again. Each time he becomes better with combat, with the help of Rita Vrataski (played by  the gorgeous Emily Blunt) they seek to it that they will defeat the aliens and win the war. Yeah i know it sounds like a Sci-Fi version of Groundhog Day, and also Source Code. But that is the only element, time loop, that these films have in common. The reason that i believe Edge of Tomorrow brings somewhat of originality is because of the way Doug Liman (the director) executes the time loop parts. Some times there just down right funny, and other times make sense going along with the story. The film is like a video game, you die and then you restart again, it also counts to the fact that it just has  the right amount of action.The action scenes , i think, are just incredible because its an upfront battle. I love when films have upfront battles like Saving Private Ryan and Braveheart, where two sides fight right then and there on the battlefield.  For some reason that automatically captures my attention.  Lets not forget also that this is the first time that we see Tom Cruise play such a cowardly person in the film. At first when he is nervous going to the battlefield, you begin to feel nervous for him. you want to see what happens to him.  Whats so good about Edge of Tomorrow , is that we get a characters arc within Cruise’s character. We first see him as a coward to a person who learns and adapts his fighting skills, we get to see him become more brave as he repeats time.  I think this is the best that we’ve seen Tom Cruise in a very long time, probably going back to Collateral, because he plays such a different character. Say what you want about Tom Cruise but the man still has that leading role charisma , and is probably the hardest working actor today. The man is what 52 years old ?,and still does his own stunts. He had to wear an 180 pound exoskeleton suit for the film for crying out-loud. Also there is Emily Blunt , who probably stole the show,  plays just an overall badass woman.  Seriously Rita Vrataski reminds me of Sarah Connor and Ripley. Blunt captures the toughness that is within Vrataski, she doesn’t take crap from anyone including Cruise’s character. Blunt just blends herself in Vrataski’s attitude and personality.  Blunt did not have to try hard enough to show us that her character is an independent strong woman, because it came off naturally, Seriously,how is it that Emily Blunt did not get the role of Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot did? Its also so cool of how Vrataski has to train Cage to become a better solider.She’s the one who is an experienced fighter and others look up to her.I love that Vrakasti is a woman who stands on her ground, and takes matters into her own hand. I feel like we see many films where the film’s female lead is the damsel in distress, but in this one we do not.  The film captures a great chemistry between Cage and Vrataski. At first Vrataksi does not know what to think of Cage, but later on on starts to open herself to him. Cage on the other hand , who repeats the day and sees the same Vrataski, slowly cares for her as he learns more from her.  I think what i listed above should give reasons to why people should check this movie out. But im not gonna end this blog yet without discussing why this film is considered underrated. I’m not the only one who thinks Edge of Tomorrow is underrated, if you look in the internet or even discuss it with people, they too will agree. When the film came out the first week of June, many did not check out the film because it didn’t spark any interest (thanks to the horrendous marketing). Many people just thought, “oh great, another tom cruise sci-fi movie”.  Yes it’s a Tom Cruise sci-fi movie, but this one is different and is better than the others. Alot of people did not give the movie a chance , and because of that it didn’t do that well at the domestic box office (don’t worry its still considered a moderate success thanks to international box office). I can’t get over the fact that an incredible entertaining film like Edge of Tomorrow didn’t make that  much at the the overall box office, but whereas Transformers:Age of Extinction (which was a down right awful ) made over a billion dollars.  Seriously come later this week, if you have not seen it yet, buy or rent Edge of Tomorrow. This is a film that will entertain the hell out of you, and when the film ends you will come to agree with me. This film deserves the attention and success as any other film.  I can see this film becoming the next Blade Runner, where the film didn’t do to well at the box office, but later on gain a cult following and will later on become a sci-fi classic.As for me, i’m definitely buying this on Blu-ray later the week cause i see myself watching this  film over and over. That’s what films should do, it should make you want to go back to that world and explore with the characters that you know and love. So i encourage those who are reading this, to go buy or rent Edge of Tomorrow because i believe you will have a fun time.

So are y’all gone watch it? I hope you do, until then keep on the look out as my next post will be a review on David Fincher’s  Gone Girl.  Adios peeps!