Me doing a photoshoot

Photo Credit by Thomas Coolidge

I’m Serg Garcia, and this is my personal blog. This blog site ,Independent Film and its Importance, will be revolving around films mostly indie films that most people (the wide going audience) probably would not know. It will be very rare that i will talk about something other than film, unless its pretty remarkable and makes me want to discuss it here like an event or a concert.

Little to know about me is that my main passion is film, i love making it, discussing it, and of course watching it. Since i can remember, i believe middle school, was when i started to do theater and ive been acting ever since then. In middle school i received several awards under the Best Actor category for 7th and 8th grade. Unfortunately i took a year off from theater in freshman year in high school, but only to reform in sophomore year. Sophomore year was when i joined the high school’s one act play competition, in which schools compete each other with plays. From Sophomore to Junior year i received the honorable mention and the All-Star Cast awards from the plays i performed in. By Senior Year, i received the top award of Best Actor out of the District in which my school was competing against others. I received that award for the role of Mark from the play The Shadow Box. For college ive only taken a few theater classes since im minoring in that and  majoring in Mass Communication. I have also appeared in several short films, some of which can be found on YouTube.

So what brought me into wanting to write blogs over films and things that are related to it? Well for starters i just love talking about it, i find it very interesting and i can totally nerd out. People have their hobbies/passions. Some men like to talk about sports,cars,hunting,etc. Girls like to talk about drama, clothes, and more drama. Whereas film has a whole variety of things you can talk about. You can have conversations over films for hours and hours (believe me, ive done that plenty of times already). I’ve actually been influenced by several film sources/podcast like The Schmoesknow, and AMC Movie Talk in which those guys do nothing but talk about films and just having a good time doing it. Their arguments in various subjects are on the point, and sometimes makes me go ,”Ahhh that makes sense”, or “Oh, okay i get their point”. They post their videos up on YouTube every single day. The SchmoesKnow also have a podcast show every Thursdays in which they talk about the weekly news and discuss their likes and dislikes on whatever subject that has been brought up.  The more i listen/watch AMC and The SchmoesKnow, the more my love of film keeps going. It keeps me wanting to go out and start my own website,source, and podcast discussing/ reporting film news. Its one of the reason i have majored in Mass Communication, for that and hopefully to work for someone like Entertainment Weekly.

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