American Sniper Review

Photo Credit by: Pedro Andrade, Pacific CoastNews.

Photo Credit by: Pedro Andrade, Pacific CoastNews.

Hey Y’all!

I know that it has been so long since i posted my last entree , which was two months i believe. I had been busy with finals, things back home, and trying to get ready for the new semester. This semester is going to be a handful, but I’m gonna try and post things here and there. Hopefully as these months have gone by, that you guys (whoever is reading this) have told people (that are into film) you know about this blog site. With that being said, I’m gonna give my quick review on American Sniper.

American Sniper is of course about the life of  Chris Kyle the deadliest sniper in American Military History. The film focuses his life in the wars, and how that aspect affects his personal life.including keeping close with his wife Taya Renae Kyle.

I know I’m kinda late in the party with American Sniper, but the film is on a streak when it comes to box office terms. Earlier i read , from boxoffice mojo, that it made $64 million on its second weekend coming off from an $89 million opening last weekend. I think that is just crazy and so surprising. My reason that i think that its “crazy”, is because we’re in a month where films , that are just bad, are released in January and are expected to bomb at the box office. With an opening of $89 million , just astonishes me cause that is blockbuster level earnings. Just last year, most of the blockbuster films like X-Men: Days of Future Past, Captain America: The Winter Solider, and Guardians of the Galaxy all made within the range of 90-100 million in their opening weekend. Since i let all that go, lets get to my short review.

The film opens with this intense scene where  Chris Kyle (Played by Bradley Cooper) has to make this morality choice in either sparing a kid , who has something that i won’t say, or saving his platoon. That scene grabbed my attention and got me into the film. Scenes like those were the best parts of the film, one in particularity when Kyle goes to his second tour.

I’ll go with what i liked about the film first, then ill get to my negatives. The highlight of the film is of course Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle. In the past years Cooper has really shown what a tremendous actor he is. I mean this role has given him his third Oscar nomination. I felt like Cooper transformed into Chris Kyle, and he made you want to be with him every step of the way. Some of the action scenes were good  at times. There were indeed some intense hand gripping moments when the audience are trapped in an emotional stage and are left either with relief or sadness. Clint Eastwood has finally made a decent film in a long time, i mean his last good film was Gran Torino. I was surprise that he directed the action scenes in a way that you felt like you were in the war zone

My complaints about the film are not major at all, but i wanted to see more of what life in war did to Chris Kyle. I know we got some stuff here and there, like that scene where he is just starring at the TV and hearing gun shots all of a sudden. I wanted to go inside of his mind and explore that psychological aspect and see him expressing those emotions.I didn’t feel much about the chemistry between him and his wife (played by Sienna Miller), one scene they meet and then they get married. I wanted to see exactly why this woman feel in love with Chris Kyle, was it because he’s a Navy Seal or what? I never got a hint as to why she loved him. Yeah he was polite and kind to her but that was it. I know in real life that Taya truley loved Chris, but i felt like they didn’t show much of that in the film.

I love war films don’t get me wrong, my favorite war film is Saving Private Ryan. Because that film went in-depth with not only one character but with many others. American Sniper just focused on Chris Kyle, but i would’ve like to see more of the wife, and mostly the brother i thought we were gonna see him more.

Let’s get one thing straight just because i have some negative things about the film, does not mean i don;t respect Chris Kyle. I am truly grateful of what this man did for our country, for all his suffering and sacrificing just to ensure that he is protecting America. I am only talking about the film itself that’s all , I’m not going to further detail about the actual events that concurred years ago.

Overall i thought American Sniper was an entertaining film, i think a lot of people will like this film mostly from the patriotic stand point which is great.If you like war films a lot, then i recommend you seeing this. I think this film will shred the box office in the weeks to come until Fifty Shades of Grey..

I’m gonna rate this film an 7.5/10

What did you guys think of American Sniper, message me maybe we can discuss the film. Ill be sure to post more blogs and hopefully you guys can spread the word about this blog site. Anyways, hope y’all are having a great and I’ll see y’all next time here. Adios!

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