My experience with blogging so far.

Credited: Tim Nichols from

Credited: Tim Nichols from

Hey y’all!

Hope some of you guys are studying hard for finals, i sure know i am. Pretty stressful eh?  But man has there been alot of film news circulating around the web this past week. I mean first of all i heard on Friday that Director Cary Fukunaga is planning to start filming the new adaption of Stephen King’s IT in Summer of 2015. I might post a blog on why i ,and others, should be very excited over this new adaption. But i can tell you in one sentence that i am extremely excited. Also the casting news of the Suicide Squad film, that will be released in August 2016, got me excited. Which again i might do a post on that as well, who knows.

Anyways i’m here to talk about the experiences that i have been through with blogging, and how it’s affected me so far. I’ve done this since August and already i have learned alot. I have learned of how it is important to express your opinions on certain topics, also to market yourself and your personal brand. In my case, the personal brand is films.  I’ve already had conversations that sparked up from some of the subjects from certain blogs that ive posted. Like i had a conversation with a couple people about the Star Wars:The Force Awakens teasar trailer. We were speculating about it and how they mostly agreed with my arguments as in why the trailer did its job to make everyone exited that there’s a new Star Wars film coming soon. Thats the beauty of film, you can have a right or wrong answer. What i mean is that you don’t have to be right or wrong to like a certain film. If you love a film that everyone hates, well good for you no one will judge ya. Okay fine some people probably will, so start having a good taste in films. Just saying.

I can’t tell ya which tools didn’t work in the process of this blogging experience. But the tools that did work for me was the twitter widget, like if you publish your post it will automatically be transferred as a tweet so that your followers can read it. Why do i like that? Well its because you can market yourself even more. If your followers like what your talking about, then they can retweet the post and their followers can read it. Its what i like to call “word-of -mouth”.

To be honest, even though im doing most of these blogs as assignments for one of my classes, ill want to continue blogging because dang it, its just too much fun. As soon as you want to talk about something you can just easily type up your “feelings” about it. I feel like it can benefit me in the future by telling others that im sticking in things that are related to mass communication . People can see that i wont be scared to express my thoughts on a certain subject, because im typing it up on the internet for everyone to see. I’m exposing myself the right why, unlike others *coughing Kim Kardashian. Thats another tool that you can have, the courage to get in front of others an discuss or present something. Jobs in the Mass Communication department will probably have you present something like an idea to others to reach their approval. How are you gonna convince them that your idea is worthy if you can even talk right or speak loud enough in front of them? I believe blogging is the first step to go, in order to be more opened up to others than you ever had before.

Blogging, to me , has been a fun experience and i hope i can reach out to others and hopefully have discussion on films. I mean come on, who doesn’t like to geek out here and there? Anyways i felt like i had to post this because i think it is important for others to start expressing their opinions , i mean we have the right. Remember the right of speech? Anyways i wish to those who are gonna take finals the best. Keep on the look out for more post, because i am confident that i will be posting more very soon.

Until then, adios!


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