Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer!

From Walt Disney Studio and Lucasfilm

From Walt Disney Studio and Lucasfilm

Hey Y’all, hows it going?

Hope you guys had a great thanksgiving, i sure know i did. One in particular reason is because of….the trailer for the new (take a minute to let it get in your head) Star Wars film.

Thanksgiving , i was so full from all the food. Black Friday , wasn’t all that bad this year. But Star Wars, it was about damn time we got something. When i saw the trailer, i saw it like three times right after that. I couldn’t believe that Disney was able to gather some footage together to show all of us something. I would’ve expected something like just a voice over and have an elder Luke Skywalker pop in and flash his lightsaber.

But yeah its safe to say that everyone is excited about this. I had goosebumps when watching it, i felt like i was home. I felt like ,with the prequels, that i was not able to feel the magic that the original trilogy brought when i watched them.  This felt like a true Star Wars film, and importantly an J.J. Abrams. J.J. Abrams ,i believe, will bring justice to this franchise and will bring the things we love about Star Wars right back to us. Like hes gonna try to bring the practical effects more than CGI. I mean lets all admit it there’s gonna be CGI in the film, but hopefully not too much like what George Lucas did to the prequels.

I liked how we saw the new cast like John Boyega (Attack the block), Daisy Ridley,  and Oscar Issac (Inside Llewyn Davis). The shots with these individuals had me speculating alot. I believe that Boyega’s character will either be a stormtrooper from the beginning or is pretending to be one by being under a mission. I’m gonna call it right now Daisy Ridley’s character has to be the daughter of Han Solo and Leia, she just has to be. The Oscar Issac will be an pilot whose gonna be an ally to Boyega and Ridley’s characters.

The voice over in the trailer is actually Andy Serkis ,who plays Cesar and Gollum, which makes me more interested in what his character will be. It made me guess even more if he will play multiple character, maybe one character with motion capture and one with his actual self. His voice sounds menacing , with dark and gritty tone i absolutely loved it.

Another thing is the unknown Sith that approaches in the snowy woods, with the reveal of his lightsaber. Some people have been complaining about the lightsaber. Why? Why must people complain already about this trailer. It always has to be something, just be glad that we are finally getting a new Star Wars film. The lightsaber ,if you don’t know is in the format of an cross-guard medieval sword. The lightsaber has the main point come out with all of the air pressure is release within the two sides. I like the design it will signified a new Sith. Darth Maul was remember only because of his lightsaber, so this new Sith will have its own special design.

Only small complaint was that we did not get a chance to catch a glimpse of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil, or Carrie Fischer. Han Solo is my favorite Star Wars character, so i wanted to se an older version of him .But i’m fine with that, im glad that they showed us the new characters to introduce us to them. I guess they made it up with that amazing shot of the Millennium Falcon  flying upside down.

Anyways this teaser trailer did its job, it made me and everyone entirely excited. Its making me want more, and keep speculating on whats ahead in this lovable franchise This is automatically my most anticipated film of 2015. So what did you guys think of the teaser trailer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens?Did y’all like it or is the lightsaber making you not like it much? Let me know, and we can have a conversation about it. Cause i love nothing more than geek out about Star Wars. Bye!

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