Slideshow of Art that can be attribute in films

Hey y’all how’s it been?

It’s been a couple of weeks since i did my last blog, hopefully some of you guys checked out Kacey Musgraves already, and i am here to discuss or even show y’all something that is actually interesting. Below  is a slideshow of pictures, yes there simple pictures but they can mean something. What i mean is that most films, mostly independent films, use a specific imagery that you really have to analysis and know the true meaning behind the content that is actually presented in front of you. There can be shots of the sun just rising or setting, or someone cruising under the city lights. Whatever the case is, there has to be a purpose of that shot. Maybe it tells us of what the character that is in that specific shot is going through or what he is facing in his or her life. The beauty thing of independent films is that it contains beautiful shots that symbolizes something. A perfect example is the  film Shame, in which a scene containing Michael Fassbender running down the street for about two minutes with a single shot. But in that scene the purpose of that shot is to conclude that his character is in a very dark atmosphere life, not because its night time but by the problems that he has to deal with.  So below this i will tell a basic story throughout these pictures. The pictures are simple shots but they can have alot of meaning into it.


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