Opening Slide for the Film411 mobile app

Opening Slide for the Film411 mobile app

Slide Two for the Film411 mobile app.

Slide Two for the Film411 mobile app.

Hey guys!

Its been not awhile, as i posted my last post not too long ago. Speaking of that i hope that within this past weekend that you guys got a chance to go see Gone Girl, if not then get your butt to a local theater and go see it. There’s a reason why Gone Girl is getting Oscar buzz. Anyways that will not be the subject in this post, in fact it will be about  an mobile app idea that has circulated my head for awhile actually. That mobile app will be called “Film 411”, as it will obviously be over films. But this will be very cool for film lovers, or even people who have somewhat of an interest of films. With just a couple of touches, you will be able to gain access to alot of information.I will give you reasons, six actually, of why you and others would want to try out this app if it ever comes to life. It will have at least six sections as soon as you log in.

The first section  will be over the film news, say a new report over something like Marvel films and they cast so and so for their new film or will be in the next Avengers sequel then within minutes people can go to Film411 and get the full coverage on that story. Get the latest news even before everyone finds out about it. The second section will be on upcoming films, here you will know which films will be coming out within the next couple of months so that you can make plans with your friends or family to go see it on a particular day. Also, this section will directly lead you to fandango so that you can purchase your tickets before everyone else. The third section covers trivia. The trivia section will give you facts about the movies,cast&crew.  So for example it can give you a fact that there were production problems on the set of Jaws, where it took forever to set up the shark machine thing  because it kept messing up. Because of that, it cost Universal Pictures to distribute more money into the budget. The fourth section will be screenplays. You can have access to read scripts from past films,  so if you need to read it cause your interested then you can just touch the screenplay button. The fifth section will be clips, you can have access from clips from all movies. The sixth section is a little different, its more of a social aspect. This section is where the users can interact with one another. A topic will be created from one user, and other users can hope in and give their opinion on a particular subject. Like someone can post a topic of “Do you think that Ben Affleck can pull off playing  Batman in Batman V Superman?”, and other users can jump in an interact with one another. That section can be cool, because that’s what films is all about is to watch it can share your perspective to others, and you get to see other people’s opinions on the subject to see if someone else agrees your views.

Film411 is an idea that i believe can be a pretty popular app, as there are many film lovers out there in the world wishing to interact more and more. I mean instead of going through Google and looking at IMDB or sketchy website that have screenplays. Film411 will be a secure place and its only purpose is to give information to the users. What do you guys think about this mobile app idea? Do you think its cool or lame? Whatever the case ,leave a comment and ill be posting another blog very soon. Until then Adios Peeps!

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