My view on Gone Girl

Gone Girl

20th Century Fox Studios. Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne,and Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne.

Hey Guys!

Its been awhile since i last posted with the whole Edge of Tomorrow case, i hope that you guys have watched it by now and loved it. Anyways im not here to discuss Edge of Tomorrow again, though i kinda feel like it,I’m here because in my last blog post i promised that i would be reviewing the new David Fincher film Gone Girl, and now here i am fulfilling my promise. Though i won’t be really viewing Gone Girl entirely, i wanna talk about other things that happened when i went to go see it.  First of all if you have not seen Gone Girl i highly highly recommend it. See how i put highly twice? Well i mean it, this film is just terrific. This film was number ten on my top 10 high anticipated films in 2014,and boy it did not disappoint. Basically the film is about a husband (played by Ben Affleck) whose wife (played by Rosamund Pike)has gone missing one day, later in the search the police and everyone  accuses him that he is the number one suspect in the disappearance. The direction that David Fincher puts in the film makes it so smooth and stylistic.  The lead’s performances are superb. Ben Affleck has proven that he has become not only a great filmmaker but a very good actor, maybe its because hes been behind the lenses when directed his films like Best Picture Winner Argo, and The Town. I’ve always liked the guy, i think he is a hard working person and has come along way from ten years when he did the god awful films like Jersey Girl, Surviving Christmas, Gigli,and  Daredevil.  Alot of people are afraid of him playing the new incarnation of Batman in the upcoming Warner Bros. film Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice, but i believe these past couple of years including this new film should show people that he is entirely capable of playing The Caped Crusader.  As in this film, he plays such an innocent husband there were times that i second guessed myself and try to believe that he was the kidnapper/killer of his wife, and other moments that he didn’t. Did he actually kill/kidnap her? Well in order to find that out i suggest you go see it for yourself. This role emphasizes Affleck’s rage but having him entering in a dark side that we hardly see from the actor, Fincher had something to do with that.  Then there’s Rosmaund Pike, and right now i bet that she will be nominated Best Actress in this upcoming OSCARS, if not then i will be totally shocked. My goodness she plays a character that is so unpredictable, and when intense moments happen in the film, you can see the psychotic looks on her face to believe that she is playing the character that she is suppose to be. To me, Pike stole the show, enough said. I’m so glad that Pike is able to show people her capability, i mean really she has been an underrated actress all these years, and to see her conjure this character just makes me happy. The supporting cast are also great, the woman playing Affleck’s characters’ sister is such an believable person. Neil Patrick Harris plays a creepy guy whose been on Pike’s characters tail for awhile. Then there’s Tyler Perry who plays Afflecks lawyer, and i must say that this is his best performance. I wont spoil it but there’s a moment towards the end involving him, that made the audience laugh their butts off. The screenplay is written so perfect that when you hear the dialogue  you will feel smart. The twists that are placed in the film sometimes made the audience gasp and shocked, especially me. Thats the beauty of this film, you go in to expect not much but you get so surprise to see what happens to the main characters, you get so lost in the film that you don’t care how long its going for. Yeah its like a 2 and 1/2 hour, but you don’t care, because everything from beginning to end was smoothly executed. Only negative things i had were the third act, it kinda did dragged but when it did, it when on to another scene . Another thing that i wanted to talk briefly is the experience i had in the theater the audience were awesome. I love their reactions to moments that were supposed to make us question things, make us laugh, and make us feel surprised.  When that happens you get more into the film because the whole entire theater is so into it as well, like we’re in this together.  I rate this film an 9/10.  I advice to those who are reading this to go see this film while its still in theaters, hopefully you will get the same experience as i had. Will you guys see Gone Girl? if so let me know whatcha thought of it, and as always keep checking to my blogsite to see any updates. As always Adios Peeps!

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