Chris Pratt as the new Indiana Jones?

Hey Y’all!

As promised, i was gonna keep on posting things here and there. I am here typing, as i await for my next class, about my take on this whole Indiana Jones news.

According to Deadline, Disney is apparently in early talks with Chris Pratt to play the iconic character of the Indiana Jones Reboot Franchise.

Though this has not yet been confirmed by Disney, so this whole thing could very well be not true. Don’t get me wrong, Deadline is a very reliable source when it comes to film news. They broke the news about how the next Captain America film will incorporate with the “Civil War” story line with having Robert Downey Jr in it, back in October.

My take on this so-called news, is that i think this can actually be cool. Yeah, apart of me is kinda hurt just to know the fact that we may never see Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones ever again. I can’t really see anyone else play Indiana Jones other than my boy Harrison Ford. But if your gonna get someone to replace him, you might as well get someone who at least has that same charisma like Chris Pratt. I think Pratt can do some justice to this character, i think we got some of that glimpse in Guardians of the Galaxy . Particularity in the beginning of the film,where we see Star-Lord (Pratt) going into this like-hood cave to retrieve an object.. doesn’t that sound familiar? Pratt probably needs to tone his comedic side just a tad much, and hopefully we can believe as an professor.

I just hope that we see Harrison Ford in a cameo or something. My hopes is that they can continue the franchise, have Pratt either replace the role of Indiana Jones’ son (previously played by Shia Labeouf) or just erase that character and have him play the “right” son of Indiana Jones. But something tells me that Disney wants to take the “James Bond Route”, to where a different actor plays the same character.

Any who, I’m giving you guys my initial reaction to this suppose news. What do you guys think of this news? Do you want Harrison Ford to play the iconic role once again? Or pass the torch to Star.. ugh i mean Chris Pratt? If you guys are reading this, thanks and hope to hear your opinion on this subject.